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General Terms and Conditions

In this article the user/customer will be able to read all the general conditions of the contract and, more precisely, the rules governing the relationships that exist:

  1. between the company Barbarhouse s.r.l. and the owners/owners of the properties;
  2. between the company Barbarhouse s.r.l. and the conductors-tourists;
  3. between the conductors-tourists and the respective owners/owners of the properties.


BARBARHOUSE s.r.l., with headquarters in Casarano (Le), at Piazza San Pietro n. 4, VAT number 04020580751, is a company operating the activity of Travel Agency and Tour Operator specialized in the tourist brokerage of short rentals that the principals (owners or owners) intend to offer to customers (tourists-conductors-guests).Barbarhouse s.r.l. (hereinafter the company) is, therefore, authorized by the principals to provide the following services:
  1. advertise the real estate units on the websites owned by the company or other sites/portals that offer holiday proposals and on any other means of communication, deemed appropriate;
  2. accept reservations for real estate units on behalf and in the interest of the principals;
  3. to collect the deposit/balance on the rent/price agreed or established directly by the company itself.
  4. in case of delegation/authorization of the principals, to carry out the various operations concerning the stay of the conductors-tourists, including: delivery of the keys, collection of the balance and security deposit, return of the keys and contestation of any damage caused by the conductors of the property. The cleaning and problem solving operations are carried out by special service companies external to BarbarHouse s.r.l., in order to avoid any misunderstanding with regard to the aforementioned services, the tourist is required to inquire, in advance, of the person providing the services themselves.
  5. The individual rental relationships intervene exclusively between the Owner - Owner of the property and the customer (tourist-guest-tenant). It follows that the company remains completely extraneous to this lease relationship.
The customer (tourist-guest-conductor), by making a reservation through the company, declares to be aware of the content of this information document and to expressly and unequivocally accept the following general rental conditions: